Do you use gmail or an Android device? Or any of Google Drive’s tools?  (Docs, Google Photos, Android etc.)

Google takes privacy and security seriously.  To the point that they want to give you more free storage to make sure you stay on top of things!

Google has brought back the reward of 2GB free Google Drive storage for users who go through their quick Security Checkup again, as part of Safer Internet Day 2016.

Click here to do Security Checkup (please note this is a secure google link to which you need to authenticate separately.)

All you have to do is check your recovery information, recent security events, connected devices, account permissions and also 2-step verification settings (if applicable) to get your instant 2GB of bonus storage.

The security checkup takes less than a minute and is actually a good idea as you get to see the devices and permissions linked to your Google account.

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Click here to do your Security Checkup and get your free and permanent 2GB right away!

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