Yesterday, Tesla introduced an incredible update to their product line:  Powerwall 2 and Solar Roof Tiles!

Elon claims for the long term that these durable glass tiles will outlast conventional roofing systems, while providing electricity to power your home.

We have yet to see numbers showing the output of these bad boys, but logically one could reason this is an affordable way to install solar in your home.  Rather then installing a conventional asphalt roof PLUS an elaborate solar panel that some may claim looks “tacky” (I completely disagree!), you are simplifying the process with one product thats durable, and cost efficient.

HMCF.CA Developments is passionate about financing products like these for consumers.  We have available to us over 40 banks and lenders who will finance solar equipment for your residential home.  The benefit of financing equates to an affordable monthly payment, shrinking your utility bills to zero (with the potential of earning back from Fortis BC)!

If you think Solar power tech is out of reach and  unaffordable, I challenge you to contact us to learn about how you can save money now, and for the long term, while establishing your household as an efficient green machine!  Check out our purchase plus improvements program while your at it.

For more info on Tesla’s new offering check it out here:

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