Today I decided to grab lunch at Costco’s food court (why the heck not; $6 chicken fingers with too many fries for anybodies good).

I did what any typical costco “member” does:   Walk down the aisles, look at the great products priced reasonably and justify a large purchase for next visit!  Then, I stumbled upon laminate flooring I bought for my basement 4 months ago, that was discounted 20% off!

costcoI recalled Costco return/warranty policy, which is basically “if you bought the product from us some time in the past, we will more then likely give you your money back.”  (just kidding, their policy is slightly worded better, but basically the gist)

I went to the counter (without any receipt), asked the representative if she thinks I qualify for a refund, and she thought I did!  I went for the chicken fingers and came out with a couple hundred dollars ahead.

This is why we all shop at Costco, and keep coming back.  Their reputation for good products, at a great price with an incredible return policy, is what makes them second to none!

I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow….

FYI: Did you know…. Costco best discounts and pricing throughout the entire year is during Tax Season!