How the lowest rate guarantee works:

In order to qualify for the lowest rate guarantee, all following steps must be verified:

  • Client must have “A” credit, with a minimum beacon score of 700. Learn more about this here
  • The mortgage must be considered a High Ratio or Low Ratio, insured mortgage.  Meaning,  the cash down for the purchase must be 19.99% or less. If cash down is great then 20%, the low rate guarantee may be subject to an insurance premium.

  • Once we have quoted you our rate, you have 7 days to shop other banks and lenders.
  • If you find a lower rate on a similar* fixed rate mortgage, we’ll beat it.

    * A similar mortgage must be for the same property, term, and loan amount with the same or lower closing costs.

  • The fixed rate secured can not be considered a competitive rate during the 7 day period.  Our low rate guarantee excludes all adjustable rates, and no frills mortgages, along with all subordinated-lien loans.
  • To receive a competitive rate adjustment, send us a copy of the competitor’s good faith estimate and documentation of the property, rate, term, loan amount and closing costs. Documentation must be dated the same or no more than seven days later than the original mortgage application. Good faith estimate or approvals and other documentation must be received by within seven days of your original mortgage application.
  • Pre-Approvals are not permitted.  Although we will assist you in getting a pre-approval to help you shop comfortably.  Our low rate guarantee only applies to mortgage applications with a purchase agreement completed between seller and purchaser.
  • All interest rate quoting is provided based “On Approved Credit”.  If the bank or lender deems your cash down payment or income verification as non-conventional, an interest rate surcharge may apply.  For example; if you can not prove your income (non -taxable benefits, subsistence, self employed contract work not guaranteed, and things like these) and/or your cash down payment can not be verified conventionally (borrowing a down payment, rental liquidity etc.) it is left to the discretion of the bank to present the mortgage committment and interest rate.  HMCF Developments NOR Verico Finex will not alter or adjust any mortgage commitments or interest rates without express consent from the client.

Credit Consent | Online Application Legal Disclaimer

The words “I”, “me” and “my” mean the person who submits this application by clicking the “Submit Application” button below. The words, “Verico Mortgage Broker” means an independent mortgage broker that is a member of the Verico Mortgage Broker Network. If I have included information in this application in respect of any other person, including a co-applicant, I hereby confirm that such other person(s) has fully authorized me to release their personal information to my Verico Mortgage Broker and that such other person(s) consent to all of the terms set-out herein. The word “Information” means personal information about me and any other person(s) identified in this application, obtained from this application or other sources. I request that this application be submitted to my Verico Mortgage Broker as soon as possible. I understand that in submitting my application to my Verico Mortgage Broker, I am hereby expressly consenting to the submission of my application and the disclosure of Information to third parties, such as lenders, insurers, credit reporting agencies, and the Verico Mortgage Brokers national or local affiliates, for the purpose of arranging and/or renewing mortgage(s). I understand that this will allow lenders to submit commitments for my review. I hereby consent to and agree that my Verico Mortgage Broker may use the Information in order to identify me, protect me from fraud and error, understand my needs and eligibility for products and/or services, recommend particular products and services to meet my needs, provide ongoing services, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. I consent to and agree that my Verico Mortgage Broker may use the Information for the above-noted purposes and may obtain Information about me from others, including consumer reporting agencies, credit bureaus, financial institutions, and real estate appraisers and may confirm the accuracy of the Information by contacting such third parties. I further consent to and agree that each lender considering my application may obtain Information about me (and all co-applicants) from others, including consumer reporting agencies, credit the Information by contacting such third parties. I hereby consent to and agree that my Verico Mortgage Broker may retain the Information after the last mortgage application made on my behalf, or the end of the term of the mortgage, whichever is later and that my Verico Mortgage Broker may retain and use my personal information for the purposes listed above after the last mortgage application made on my behalf. I hereby acknowledge that I have been advised that Mortgage Life/Creditor Insurance may be available to me through a lender, insurance company or broker and take sole responsibility to investigate and secure such coverage if desired. I acknowledge that my Verico Mortgage Broker is an independently owned and operated member of the Verico Mortgage Broker Network (VERICO). I further acknowledge that my Verico Mortgage Broker and VERICO have no obligation to locate a lender and no responsibility or liability for any acts or omissions of any lender including failure to secure any loan by any deadline. I hereby acknowledge that my Verico Mortgage Broker may receive consideration from a lender, and that consideration may vary with the mortgage interest rate and mortgage terms accepted by me. Such consideration may include monetary fees, or goods and services having value to the recipient. The parties hereto confirm that it is their wish that this Agreement, as well as all other documents relating hereto, including notices, have been and shall be drawn up in the English language only. Les parties aux presentes confirment leur volonte que cette convention, de meme que cette convention, de mem que tous les documents, y compris tout avis qui s’y rattache, soient rediges en langue anglaise.

I hereby certify that the information given in my application is complete and correct and is given for the purpose of obtaining the mortgage loan and/or financial services applied for.



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