Why do I need a bookkeeper?2021-03-10T15:21:33-08:00

The role of a bookkeeper is to enter, categorize, review, and reconcile transactions in a company’s accounting system. Having sales and expense data properly categorized enables business owners to see where they are spending and making money.

A bookkeeper will do all of these things for you, usually once a month. That way you can focus on, growing your business and staying on track!

How do we communicate with you?2021-03-10T15:24:45-08:00

We use Microsoft Teams, this is a great way to categorize specific conversations, keep track of docs, and store anything you want!

What is a transaction?2021-03-10T15:27:27-08:00

A transaction is an “in” or “out” of you bank account that would require a bookkeeper to categorize.

Are there a custom packages available?2021-03-10T15:00:26-08:00